1. Some days it hurts a little and some days it hurts a lot.
  2. Things that would have never occurred to you can upset you more than the obvious things.
    I knew I would miss kissing. I didn't expect to miss hugs.
  3. Being alone is scary and thrilling.
  4. I don't like killing my own spiders.
  5. Putting the fitted sheet on a king bed by yourself is ridiculously hard.
  6. Five years is a long time.
  7. Five years goes by really fast.
  8. In five years, you can be many different versions of yourself.
  9. Sleeping alone has its perks
    I can fall asleep with the TV on. I don't have to hear snoring. I get to hog all the blankets.
  10. Sleeping alone has its drawbacks.
    No one to wake up with. It always takes me much longer to fall asleep. It's lonely.
  11. Female friendship is one of the most positive forces on Earth.
  12. Life is going go on whether you want it to or not. Always bet on the future because it's the only guarantee.