1. The fucking Extra gum commercial!
    You know the one with "Can't Help Falling In Love" playing throughout the commercial? Gets me every time.
  2. Steve Martin in Father of the Bride II
    When his wife and daughter go into labor at the same time and he says to the doctor, "These women are my life" absolutely kills me. Full on sob fest.
  3. Seeing an elderly man run after his hat that blew off in the wind
    Come on, you'd have to be made of metal not to feel this one
  4. The Book Thief, book and film
    Don't even get me started on this one
  5. About Time
    The ending when the father and son go back in time together and skip stones on the beach. I don't care if the plot is slightly ridiculous! Family bonds and English accents make me weepy.
  6. Seeing my mum cry will automatically make me cry
    I think all kids feel this way about their parents?
  7. Witnessing random acts of kindness by strangers
    Fills my heart to the point where it bursts and tears stream down my face
  8. If I am very hungry or very tired
    Listen, we've all been there