A selection of things that I can quite confidently make for dinner, without incident/setting off the smoke detector
  1. Toast
    Typically with one of the following spreads: Raspberry jam, avocado, almond butter, sunflower seed butter, peanut butter, butter.
  2. Annie's Mac and Cheese
    Tip: If you are out of milk or butter, add Greek yogurt to the cheese powder packet!
  3. Tearing off pieces of fresh bread and dipping them in olive oil
    Lowest level of effort
  4. Tearing off pieces of fresh bread and pairing them with half a block of cheese
    Who am I kidding, I normally just eat the whole block of cheese
  5. Lunch leftovers for dinner
    Ideal for when you have no food at home and are procrastinating grocery shopping
  6. An order for pizza delivery
    I'm so good at this, I can give expert opinions on all the pizzerias within a mile radius of my apartment