As a kid who grew up on Nick at Nite reruns of the Brady Brunch, this story of a lovely lady and a man named Brady shaped my aesthetics.
  1. Never has railway chic ever been more of a thing
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  2. Outdoorsy 70s chic
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  3. My look
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  4. Yes to this
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  5. Easter chic
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  6. This one
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  7. Sweet on this look
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  8. And this
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  9. So much color!
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  10. Okay ignore the clown, just look at the outfits
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  11. Note to self: take more photos on staircases
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  12. 👏👏👏
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  13. These girls
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  14. Are my queens
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  15. 🙌
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  16. My squad
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  17. 💯
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