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  1. The accidental retweeting of an Anne Frank remembrance post on the official Loyola University Chicago Twitter account
  2. The advantage that was taken of Kalahari Resort and Waterpark after the re-using and abusing of a Groupon
    Said Groupon was used once in 2013, when the 7 of us turned a 4-person room into a prohibition-era jazz club and proceeded to use the waterpark after consuming Cracker Barrel. In 2015, we used the same Groupon to commit similar atrocities, this time including braids and hair wraps. We were also handed 4 extra waterpark wristbands, which we gladly accepted to seal our fates (death by car crash?)
  3. The celebration of Tracy Chapman's birthday with large bottles of Barefoot wine and a "Happy Birthday Tracy!" cake
  4. The macing of our old apartment, which victimized the most anxious and most asthmatic of our friends
  5. The production of 2015's most off-putting Christmas card
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  6. The throwing of a serial killer themed party
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    (Left to right) Norman Bates, John Wayne Gacy (minus the KFC chicken bucket and balloon animals that were my props), Aileen Wuornos
  7. The terrorization of a parallel friend group in the forms of lust, sex, betrayal?
  8. Being kicked out of a bar for one (male-identified) person puking in the women's restroom, whilst two other hooligans took pictures of the kitchen through a porthole
    Suggested by @hotdogs2go
  9. Listless Shawn making a handle of rum disappear whilst in the presence of two RA's conducting a room raid
    Suggested by @hotdogs2go
  10. Concentrating enough gay energy to inadvertently resurrect Judy Garland, whose corporeal form will haunt the Georgetown Hall dormitory forever
    Suggested by @tannbanan
  11. To piggy back off @hotdogs2go's first suggestion... Dubbing said bar and its employees "transphobic"
    Suggested by @meg1
  12. Flashing a courtyard of sophomore on the only day of the year dedicated to Saint Patrick
    Screaming "KNOW YOUR WORTH" during the act
    Suggested by @meg1
  13. Wiping with a shower curtain that belonged to an unknown party hoster
    It was just urine...
    Suggested by @meg1
  14. When List Appless Shawn gave a hungover @firesidechats a glass of vodka instead of water
    Suggested by @meg1
  15. Bringing fucked up amounts of Taco Bell into movie theaters (a continuous act of terror)
    Suggested by @meg1
  16. Coming very close to accidentally murdering our diabetic roommate Listless Shawn
    Suggested by @tannbanan
  17. Attending a party at the UIC Jewish fraternity and also robbing them blind
    With my permission, two of the above women grabbed my privates through my relaxed-fit jeans. @katemccarthy hillbilly-handfished her phone from dirty toilet water and helped herself to a Tupperware of rice from the pantry. By the time we left the party, the bus had stopped running so we stumbled arm-in-arm for two miles to the train station—peeing and pooping on the sidewalk the whole way there. @firesidechats was beaming ear-to-ear behind bloody teeth and chin.
    Suggested by @andrewjorg
  18. Passing Hozier tickets through a chain link fence like it was Cold War Berlin
    Suggested by @andrewjorg