Bear with me
  1. Beyoncé- Drunk in Love ft. JAY Z
    This is me toying with the idea of getting into Lake Michigan every time we go to the beach, but never fully committing because of its consistently frigid temperatures. Also, Jay demonstrates just about the same level of caution we take in concealing our alcohol.
  2. Rihanna- Stay ft. Mikky Ekko
    This just about perfectly depicts how I feel about and act in baths. She looks very restless and confused, which I often am because baths guide me through a whirlwind of emotions, beginning with excitement and ending in disgust. She appears to be very cold, which also resonates with me as I can never fit my entire body under the water.
  3. Drake- Hotline Bling
    Any given dance move shows the unfortunate reality of me putting on jeans after a shower.
  4. P!nk- Glitter in the Air (GRAMMY's on CBS)
    This performance was inspired by the way I unwind each hot tool I use on any given day, aside from the dunking in water. I highly recommend revisiting this video because it is truly a revelation.
  5. Jason Derulo- Trumpets
    Every time that Jason and his hot hot sex partner are about to go at it and promptly interrupted by rogue marching band musicians is representative of a time that I have been mid-intercourse and heard a car roll into the driveway of my parent's house.
  6. Dave Matthews Band- Crush
    Admittedly, this does not illustrate any personal struggles. Rather the conflict lies in if I would bone Dave Matthews if faced with a black and white version of him in a smokey jazz club. On one hand I'm absolutely down. On the other, he dumped 800 lbs of fecal matter on the foreheads of unsuspecting tourists in 2004 and his eyebrows are comedic.