1. My 4th record
    This is my number 1 priority right now. To be honest I feel slightly lost & stagnant not already having released something since 2013 & not being on tour already 😭😓 but I gotta get it right & I always promised myself I wouldn't release music unless it was right & it's taken longer this time so 🐣🐣🐣🐣🤘🤘🤘🤘
  2. Girl Gang
    Currently editing my video for Patreon. I believe this is going to be a real company to help girls & encourage outsiders in general, providing services, radio, YouTube channel, fashion brand, charity, workshops, helpline! There are a ton of possibilities
  3. Documentary
    I have been filming a doc for almost 2 years now with span productions who approached me right after I performed at coachella. It has been quite a journey & they have just happened to watch it all happen. Follow Instagram.com/katenashfilm for bts pics xx
  4. Only Gold
    A musical that I've been working on for 6 years!! With the legendary Andy Blankenbuehler who is currently working on the incredible Hamilton. This show has so much potential & it's been amazing to have my music used in a totally different world.
  5. Fanmail to Trey Parker & Matt Stone
  6. Moving again
  7. Bridesmaid
    My friend is getting ready in 3 weeks!!!!!! Need the perfect bridesmaids dress & to get my hair & nails did
  8. HolyChild
    Waiting for the cut of the final version of the music video we shot in Mexico like 😻😻😻
  9. Buffy
    Always & forever re analyzing & watching & learning this show. Fascinated by the show & actors & kiss. Just the most incredible life changing show that means more & more to me every year. It really helps me face my own demons
  10. Exercise
    Getting into healthier patterns & pumping iron so I can keep lugging shit around/moving & prepping for tour fitness!! And to try & make myself sleepier in the evenings