5 Photos on My Phone, Chosen at Random

wtf do I take pictures of? Or save images of? Mostly cats or chubby animals I'm guessing.
  1. Got a sweet new MacBook Air when my credit card company told me my limit had been extended. Yay debt!
  2. @lindsayanderson gifted Luke and I a sea otter blanket. It may have been one sea otter accessory too many for our apartment in which we are trying to adult. But it's so effing soft and I'm obsessed with it.
  3. My niece Annie is the cutest most hilarious six year old in the world. And way too smart.
  4. On this particular evening we pretended it was Jens birthday and were presented with a flaming cupcake and a large dildo of celebration! Ah, New York.
  5. Ah, here we go. A chubby cat. Told ya.