1. My period "there's not a stranger in my body"
  2. My backpack "the backpack song"
  3. Marshmallows "say hello to a marshmallow"
  4. Someone peeing in my hamper "you peed in my laundry"
  5. Abortion "abortion buddies"
  6. A friend of Asian descent. "You're my Asian friend"
  7. Blowjobs "to spit or to swallow?"
  8. Donating lady eggs to science "that's why I'm selling all my eggs"
  9. Break ups with farm animals "'cause you're a llama"
  10. Butts "the most beautiful bottom"
  11. Bdsm "bound by love"
  12. Bronies "when you're a brony"
  13. Sock puppets "life's a perfect pas de deux with hiccup"
  14. Kittens "kitten's first full moon"/ "the kitten song"