Requested by @alexim
Thank you for the request. Sincere apologies for not getting round to this sooner!!! This list was made very tricky by auto correct and because I found it very hard to explain these once I got started!
  1. Cheers drive
    This is how you say thank you to a bus driver when you get off the bus. I did not realise that this wasn't how everyone thanked bus drivers for a long time
  2. Alright my luuver?
    Just means hello really. Luuver just means love but the pronunciation is key. Usually responded to with 'alright?'
  3. Babber
    Just means babe or friend or love
  4. Gert Lush
    Really good. Gert being really and lush being like lovely
  5. Proper job
    'That's a proper job' meaning that's really good.
  6. Mind
    Just add it too any sentence for emphasis. Eg. I hope this list isn't to confusing, mind.
  7. Daps
    Shoes. Especially the plimsoll shoes you where for primary school PE
  8. Where's it to?
    Where is the thing I'm looking for. Kinda confusing to explain but very simple. For example 'Where you to?' Would be asking where you currently are.
  9. -al
    Added to any word you like. Asda would be asdal. At work my mum Sarah is Saral
  10. Brizzle
    The wonderful city of Bristol of course