1. I just got cat called on the way to my lecture
  2. By a bunch of university student
  3. A bunch of lads my age
    Honestly I just expect better of people my age. They have every opportunity not to be sexist.
  4. One of them wolf whistled and the other one shouted hot stuff as I passed
  5. Really?!
  6. To be fair I know that my giant, waterproof parka is pretty irresistible.
  7. But REALLY?!
  8. And it made me feel like shit.
  9. It put me on the spot.
  10. It made me embarrassed.
  11. And thinking about it distracted me from my lecture.
    Which I really can't be distracted from because I always miss the reformation stuff. Honestly still pretty confused about what happened in the reformation.
  12. But mostly now I'm ashamed that I didn't do anything about it.
  13. I just hurried inside and away from them.
  14. I should of called them out on their bull shit or just stopped are stared directly at them or something.
  15. But I just let them get away with it.
  16. .
  17. This has been an angry list, brought to you by Kate O'Driscoll