1. I'm trying to write an essay
  2. But I'm stressed to the point that I feel physically sick and incapable of doing anything
  3. Which is obviously really counter productive
  4. And I know that I'm clever enough to do the essay
  5. And I know no one else is getting this stressed
  6. And I have brief moments where I know what I want to say
  7. But when I sit down to write it all goes away or becomes tangled
  8. And I can't articulate this feeling properly
  9. All I can think about are the seconds till my deadline ticking down
  10. And the cycle of continuous deadlines that university is
  11. Happy for 10 days
  12. Stressed for 4
  13. Happy for 10 days
  14. Stressed for 4
  15. Happy for 10 days
  16. Stressed for 4
  17. Is it worth it?
  18. For another 4 years?
  19. I can only feel it's going to get harder.
    Thank you for reading.