The hardest year of a brilliant 8 year friendship
  1. Never calls
  2. Never answers my calls
  3. Unless it's 3 am
  4. But at 3am she's perfect
    Excited about what I'm excited about, reassuring about what I'm scared about, calm when I can't be
  5. She hasn't come to visit me at uni
  6. And her excuses aren't very good
  7. But I went to see her
  8. And it was one of the best weekends of my year
  9. We spent the whole day together for the first time in ages
    Penny falls at the pier, Indian food together, Bridget Jones in bed
  10. And she planned the whole weekend perfectly so that I could see all my friends who live in her city
  11. And we talked endlessly
  12. But when I'm gone she forgets me
  13. She doesn't need me
    And I need her
  14. And I'm frustrated
    By the unanswered texts, the unreturned phone calls, the excuses