A rambling list to explain how me and my siblings ended up with the worlds most boring names. Inspired by @socks
  2. Is called Anna Mary
  3. Anna after my mums sister who she is very close to and who is also Anna's god mother
  4. Mary after my granny who is an amazing lady
  6. It took my parents the entire legally allotted 6 weeks to name my brother
  7. For 6 weeks they just called him baby
  8. And then they called him John
  9. John!
  10. Maybe the most boring name ever
  11. I mean, it's a good name! But it hardly needed 6 weeks worth of work
  12. I asked my mum once what's she spent the 6 weeks doing, she said she wasn't sure really but she did consider Jonathan for a while
  13. It's good that she settled on John though cause he is so not a Jonathan
  14. So he ended up John Peter
  15. John for my dads brother who is his god father and a great uncle
  16. Peter for my grandpa (another amazing person)
  17. ME!
  18. I am Kate Louise
  19. Apparently they had run out of family members with good/ boring names because the only family member to have ever been called Kate was a golden Labrador
  20. That's right, I'm named after a dog
  21. Not any old dog but one that my grandpa described as the stupidest dog he'd ever known
  22. I am bitter about this