I think this trend belongs to @BWN_7
  1. From the age of 2 to around 7 my best friend was a girl called Anna
  2. I would still count her amongst my very best friends today
  3. But before the age of 7 she was my one and only best friend
  4. We were completely inseparable
  5. But we fought constantly and about everything
    We had very little in common and still don't tbh but that really works for us now
  6. We always made up very quickly
  7. But one day when we were 7 we didn't
    I have no idea what we fought about
  8. And instead of sulking we went out and made new friends
  9. She made friends with a girl called Chloe who was more like her and I made friends with a girl called page who was more like me
    These people went on to be our main friends throughout primary respectively
  10. Whilst me and Anna made up, we never went back to being each other's one and only and we never really hung out at school together again
    Though interestingly we are still good friends with each other but not with page or Chloe
  11. So I would like to go back to the day before the fight and relive that original inseparable bond one more time