I'm the youngest of three children and despite being introduced to every sport from rugby to fencing as a child, my complete lack of talent kept me from taking to any of them. However I learnt early on the sheer joy and complete pain of supporting those who were very talented.
  1. Chelsea Football Club - this picture was taken at the end of a champions league knock out game in 2014 against PSG. Chelsea overturned a 3-1 score from the previous goal with a last minute goal from Demba Ba. I distinctly remember my brother being swept up into the row behind us. We were both ecstatic as you can see!
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  2. Ireland rugby - Despite being born in England, my father continued his family tradition of supporting their home nation in sports and through my mums lack of interest in sports and the fact that we share our surname with one of the ultimate greats of Irish rugby, me and my siblings have done the same.
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  3. Andy Murray - not technically a team but like every British person I get inexplicably obsessed with tennis once a year when Wimbledon come around. I was completely won over when he broke down in tears after losing in the 2012 final and overjoyed when he eventually won it in 2013
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