Thank you to @Ames91 @Dashelamet @mnickwrites @dudleyjoshua for your replies and everyone that read my last list
  1. There has been some more kissing etc
  2. And I messaged him today to see if he wanted to go for coffee or a drink before I left
  3. He didn't reply for a few hours even though he had seen it and I felt terrible
  4. But he just replied and said how about tomorrow night
    I feel like the message was a tad cold? Like it began with 'sup' ?
  5. But honestly I have been so anxious for the last few days about this
    I really haven't enjoyed this
  6. I dunno, my flat mate and I have talked a lot about this and how i have to face the anxiety
  7. Like what am I gonna do, just be single forever and not even try
  8. But honestly if this is what it's gonna be like to try I don't know if I want to