Inspired by @DG THINGS I CALL MY KIDS, RANKED BY FREQUENCY, which I think was the original of these lists but also inspired by all the others!! My dad created almost all of these nicknames
  1. DAD
    Real name Peter
  2. Pod
    His initials
  3. Pierre la bear
    The name of the mascot on a ferry from a family holiday to France
  4. Spud
    He has a very large head. Once when I was young my dad was away and my sister asked my mum if she missed him, which she did. Without missing a beat my sister found a potato and drew a face on it. I swear to god the likeness was uncanny.
  5. MUM
    Real name Sarah
  6. Peanut, nut, the nutty professor
    She has a very small head. And when stressed can act a lil nutty
  7. The mountain goat
    When on (hilly) family walks she has a tendency to race a head leading to the belief that, much like a mountain goat, she is speedy on all terrains
  8. Grinster, grinny
    Not really sure, only my dad uses it and it predates me
    Real name Anna
  10. Droid
    Anna, android, Droid
  11. Anna banana
    Real name John
  13. Son of pod
  14. Peanut junior
    His head is also very small
  15. Ginger nut, biscuit boy
    From his younger days, he is ginger and he did not appreciate it all
  16. Lil Ron
    Originally little John
  17. Johnny boy
  18. ME
    Real name Kate
  19. Mrs Goggins
    My childhood nickname. Very strange. It is a character from a children's programme called post man pat. Mrs Goggins is the elderly post lady
  20. Katie baby
    I am the baby of the family. No one has ever called me Katie other than my mum. And maybe Anna
  21. Bubble
    My current and I expect permanent nickname. There has many varieties. The bub, el bub, bublio, bubble 07, the buboon (not appreciated) the list goes on...