In currently sitting on a train from Edinburgh where I am at university to Manchester where my best friend is at university for a party. The train takes about 3 and a half hours. I am not well but I am determined to get there
  1. The things I immediately unpacked from my rucksack
    1 litre bottle of water, 1 carton of ribena (I was feeling sorry for myself, okay?), 1 pack of Lemsip Max Cold and Flu tablets, 1 pack of lemon and honey strepsils, 6 pack of pocket tissues. I'm sick and too ill to hide it
  2. The way I am dressed
    Many layers, coat and scarf on top of my wooly jumper and still both shivering and sweating slightly
  3. I am suspiciously and probably quite obviously typing in to my phone and trying to hide it from him
    He probably now thinks he is either gonna to die from the plague I will ultimately give to him, or that he will be killed by a crazy flu ridden girl on the train. He's probably debating which he'd prefer. The murder I bet, it would be quicker.