Inspired by @danika
  1. Times of the day/week that Kathryn could call us, because yes we are very busy retired people and never home, or else possibly napping, so you have to hit a window there, but couldn't she call instead of texting?
  2. All the very legitimately important and meaningful things that Kathryn is so very busy doing that keep her too busy to call us regularly instead of just texting. Mostly important. Or she's just tired. Which is understandable.
  3. All the reasons we are so proud of our daughter (many also very time consuming) because my parents are so sweet (and yes I should call them more).
  4. Length of telephone calls when we talk: 90 minutes, 63 minutes, 70 minutes, 55 minutes.... You get the idea. I love my parents. We talk for way too long. I talk way too much, as they've always said. The irony.