Why Ottawa (and your city) should have a GREAT downtown library building

We are building a new library in Ottawa - hopefully not just another office building with shelves. Why?
  1. Because libraries are about so much more than books now.
    Seattle - stephmodo.com
  2. Because learning should be inspiring in its physical space as well as in what you find there. It matters.
    Akita International Univ Library, Japan
  3. Because any building that the city creates and we all pay for should add to the design of and contribute to the value of the city as a whole.
    (I want to read up there!)
  4. Because children.
    Also Ying Yang Library, from Designboom. South Korea.
  5. Because lifelong learning IS life. For everyone.
    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - a great new library.
  6. Because Starbucks is too crowded to work in now. (Or Bridgehead, or insert-your-favourite-coffee-shop-here.). And libraries HAVE coffee shops now!
  7. Because Halifax. Halifax, people.
  8. Because Ottawa!