1. I've been "home" since Tuesday night
    I call it that because my parents don't live here anymore, but my grandmother and my in-laws do.
  2. So here's what I've been up to:
  3. Tuesday:
  4. Took train to airport. First plane was late, but second left early?
    Didn't know they could do that
  5. Mother-in-law picked me up in Charlotte and we had dinner and drove the 2 hours back to Asheville
    It was fun! We are good friends.
  6. Wednesday:
  7. Spent morning/early afternoon with my grandmother (I call her Mimi). Had Chinese food and found her a wallet at Target.
  8. Fortune from Chinese food is most Mimi possible phrase, also not actually a fortune.
  9. Spent afternoon and evening grocery shopping and going to liquor store with mother-in-law
    Got to help choose the mini bottles for everyone's stockings!
  10. Thursday
  11. 10:30: went to gym with mother-in-law. Her trainer is awesome but tough!
  12. 1:00: bought final family present and had Mexican food with mother-in-law and her best friend
  13. bartaco is delicious!
  14. 2:00: got little present for dad at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge (aka heaven)
  15. 4:15: help mother-in-law buy present for father-in-law and hide it
  16. Rest of evening spent hanging out and waiting for her husband to get back from Charlotte with her mother.
    (For those keeping track that's Charlotte run number 2)
  17. Friday:
  18. 7:30: hit road to Charlotte (final run before Christmas) to pick up husband.
  19. 10:45: he finally arrives an hour late, we drive back home
    Make him drive because can't use arm muscles after trainer yesterday
  20. 2:45: after lunch let husband nap, go shoe shopping (don't buy anything- all too expensive)
  21. 4:30-6:30: help mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law work on jigsaw puzzle
  22. 7-ish: more family arrives and we eat lasagna
  23. 10-ish: brother-in-law arrives after 11 hour drive from Michigan. Husband and Brother-in-law immediately go out to bar with friends
  24. Saturday (aka Christmas Eve):
  25. 2:46: husband comes home, tries to be quiet. Wakes me up anyways.
  26. 8:19: husband snores so loud, I think he's killing someone
    Force self to stay in bed when can't fall asleep again
  27. 9:00: give up and take shower- husband continues to snore like his life depends on it.
  28. 9:45: go downstairs, trying not to wake brother-in-law, who must sleep on couch because father-in-law is sick and in-laws are not sharing a bed (due to germs)
    Husband and I are sleeping in Brother-in-law's old bed. It's small and squeaky.
  29. 10:00: first publish list and head to Whole Foods for last minute items
  30. 11:10: have finished my contribution to the family meal (almond bars!) and they are baking. Unsure of what to do with self for now. Will probably check fantasy team and Reddit.
  31. 12:45: almond bars finally baked (sorta...oops)
  32. 1:35: Brother-in-law's friends come over and everyone watches football
    Go Panthers!!! Since the Ravens don't play until tomorrow.
  33. 3:00: everyone is drunk. Feel old &a married. Panthers are losing :(
  34. 6:15: pack up car and go to rental house to eat dinner with in-laws family
  35. 8:35: get 275 in Yahtzee, still lose
    Mother-in-law got exactly 20 more points than me.
  36. 9:40: get home from rental house. Want to fall asleep. Forcing self to stay awake. We'll see what happens.
  37. Sunday (aka Christmas Day!):
  38. 9:21: wake up with dead arm from sleeping awkwardly. Don't know how to shake it to wake it up with out waking husband. Silently suffer.
  39. 10:10: husband finally gets up so we can get ready to go to my grandmother's house.
    Yes we still have the luxury of sleeping in on Christmas...so we're taking full advantage!
  40. 12:30 Ingles (grocery store) is closed. Have to go to a gas station for beer and a CVS for tonic water before we are allowed at the rental house.
  41. 12:50 get to rental house and are immediately told to go and meet the people who are lost.
  42. 12:51: start to drive away and get a call to come back, they're not lost anymore. Turn around.
  43. 12:52: Jackson gets eggnog, Kate gets wine
  44. 1:30: everyone has arrived and dinner is served. Father-in-law tells story about the gang that terrorized his neighborhood as a kid.
    Apparently the leader was named Weenie Bone Burton. Beautiful.
  45. 3:45: all presents have been opened. Brother-in-law wins again with Workaholics coat. Husband is now super behind on ridiculous present giving.
  46. 4:30: Ravens game time!
  47. 8:00(ish): Ravens lost. Family is many rounds into playing Codenames.
    Codenames is one of the best games ever.
  48. 9:35: Smaller family Christmas gift exchange is done. Got some cool stuff, but my big gift is shopping tomorrow.
  49. 11:22: exhaustion from a day of drinking and various people pretending to be a bear sets in. It's bedtime!
  50. Monday
  51. 9:30: Up and showered and heading downtown with mother-in-law to shop
  52. 10:00: not many places are open yet. Am sad.
  53. 11:00: in line for a huge Boxing Day sale!
    Ended up with 2 sweaters for half off each!
  54. 12:30: family convened for lunch at a restaurant downtown.
    Have decided I need a leather jacket and Chelsea boots. However didn't find either item during shopping.
  55. 2:30: New Belgium Brewing tour. Was super cool- what a neat company!
    Wanted to try to get Jackson to work there when I finish grad school.
  56. 4:15: shoe shopping at an Asheville staple- Discount Shoes. I get nothing. Jackson gets 2 pairs. It's apparently backward word.
  57. 7:30: Met friend Dustin for dinner. Jackson wore bear coat. Some kid asked for his autograph. Fratty bros try to sneak a pic, I catch them.
  58. 11:00(ish): Cowboys are winning and they take out Elliot. Husband is upset he won't win fantasy playoffs. Am tired.
  59. Tuesday:
  60. 10:55: suitcase will not close with bear coat inside. Zipper breaks. End up duct taping suitcase closed.
  61. 11:00: brunch plans slightly derailed by a long line, we go to a different place instead
  62. 12:15: we head back to Charlotte to the airport.
  63. 5:32: sitting in Richmond, VA airport. It's tiny. We have a 2ish hour layover. I just want to be home to my kitty now.
  64. 9:15: home to this derpy lil' face! Thus ends the North Carolina Christmas adventures!