1. Giving a tour
    Ask me about job as campus tour guide, BITCH
  2. Working my other job
    Ya I got two jobs imma busy girl BITCH
  3. Babysitting lol
  4. Hanging out with my friends
  5. Drinking beer with my friends
  6. Playing settlers of catan with my friends
  7. Waking a dog
  8. Watching Bachelor in Paradise
    No shame
  9. Drinking a can of La Croix
  10. Hanging with my cat
  11. Dancing to Taylor Swift
    Maybe the reason I don't have a boyfriend but w/e
  12. Texting a boy that's my friend
    Ha ha ha
  13. Learning to make a whiskey sour
  14. Drinking one of the margaritas that come in a fishbowl
  15. Eating a bag of sour patch kids