Unpopular opinion
  1. Ah yes another place to buy tea (and only tea)
  2. Why do I have to drive to see friends
  4. Why do I have to drive to eat out
  5. Why has is been 90 degrees every day I've been in town this summer
  6. Why do I look like a nerd walking down Hawthorne why did I wear chacos
  7. Why are people waiting 30 minutes for tacos
  8. The whole bar scene is way too hip for me
  9. When did everyone get so hip
  10. I'm afraid to be inside this bar everyone is so well dressed why did I put on a Spiderman tattoo yesterday??
  11. Can I get brunch somewhere and not wait 40 minutes
  12. Driving on Division is scary af and even scarier to finding parking
  13. Stay on the sidewalk salt & straw line I don't want to hit you!!
  14. Wow how many gift shop exist on Division
  15. Everything I do involves spending money
  16. Where is the sun in this sunset
  17. Wow a lot of people live here now
  18. Hell yeah New Seasons wok