Today we've got game.
  1. You're a dicey proposition.
  2. I'm tired of going back and forth across the street.
  3. How do you even receive a fax?
  4. It was high energy snaps.
  5. I think there are bigger problems here if you need instructions.
  6. Could you NOT eat my pie?
  7. I'm all about the eucalyptus tip.
  8. This explains so much about you.
  9. Jafar. Jaclose.
  10. Maybe I should break that light.
  11. Vibe-age.
  12. I can't make this shit up. It's too good.
  13. You both live that slug life, especially on the weekends.
  14. You are both known trolls.
  15. You are a huge bully.
  16. I don't want to explain too much to someone.
  17. Is that as self explanatory as it sounds?
  18. Are you focused, or are you just mean-faced?
  19. You’ll feel better when your computer isn’t shitty anymore.
  20. What do you mean, ‘sign in’?
  21. Tchotchke is one of my favorite words.
  22. I just want to let you know I’m multitasking right now. No I’m not. Yes I am. Well, kind of.
  23. Scratcher 1: You should become an Instagram blogger. Scratcher 2: I already am an Instagram blogger.
  24. OH SHIT! Oh, nevermind.