1. Actually, we were talking about you last night.
  2. That shit was aggressively not good.
  3. The effect of the freight train erases the hour.
  4. Are we allowed to do that?
  5. The rage.
  6. It was pressed TOO violently.
  7. I channel that psychotic energy into scrubbing shit.
  8. I don't want to see you spraying it, I just want to see the report, dude.
  9. Scratcher 1: "There's a certain hubris to how she does things." Scratcher 2: "Yeah, she's wack."
  10. In a few months, we're going to be like, "What do any of these things mean?"
  11. Guys, I think I need Perrier.
  12. I've got to try the Newport Cheddar, and then we can go.
  13. I don't know what your spice tolerance is.
  14. Does it say "The Business of Hydration" on it?
  15. I’m distracted by my own distraction.
  16. I think I’m regressing.
  17. Do you know who makes sick capes… No, you don’t – but I’ll tell you.
  18. My grandfather and Ghostface have something in common.
  19. It’s not as funny as some of the other things I’ve said… today.
  20. So… what do you guys actually do here, anyway?