1. I never ate like that before--it was epic eating.
  2. I'm stepping away from the popcorn. Don't judge me.
  3. We survived a very heavy thing.
  4. Oh. The opposite of not good.
  5. Smells like Easter chocolates over here.
  6. I can get that anywhere...okay, not anywhere.
  7. You know you have a baller sandwich when you bring a thing of dressing to put on it.
  8. Both will have cake and ice cream.
  9. There was something else of immense value that I was going to say.
  10. Do you want to help me with Hot Wheels?
  11. There are too many of us.
  12. I'm fearful of their happiness.
  13. I'm getting Rhythm Nation vibes from you today.
  14. You're like, the shit, homes.
  15. I feel like I was winning so hard earlier today, and now it's just loss after loss.
  16. Scratcher 1: "You're making the right move right now, man." Scratcher 2: "Don't I always?"
  17. There was also the time when they blatantly called me Chiara, but my name was spelled correctly.
  18. I'm not saying it's good, I'm saying it's real.