1. Eucalyptus is strong, but not in that my head's going to fucking explode way.
  2. Don't bring that shit around if you don't want to live that life.
  3. You were coming up from behind. How typical.
  4. It's for joy.
  5. I'm just pacing.
  6. I don't even feel bad, I just want to sleep. Oh well.
  7. Occasionally you have good ideas.
  8. I was a really crucial part of the event.
  9. I did fan out some tea packets like a boss.
  10. We have no shortage of wrong.
  11. Oh, no. We're not friends.
  12. I made a frenemy.
  13. You have a misogynist fish.
  14. Scratcher 1: "I'm going to have a conversation with somebody who is used to feeling important." Scratcher 2: "Do we have something scheduled?"
  15. Goat Yogurt is my garage based punk band.
  16. Your office is like a meat locker.
  17. I'm stoking the fire of the emptiness in my belly.
  18. This is a dongle.