This might be a little serious.
  1. Because there is often no good answer to that question.
  2. Because even if you do get an answer, it will most likely be unsatisfying.
  3. Because that unsatisfying answer will lead to other "why" questions.
    And those questions may also be unanswerable.
  4. Because the feelings that motivate actions aren't rational.
    And when you ask why, you are asking for a rational response.
  5. Because asking why is a way of avoiding feelings.
    And feelings are difficult and scary.
  6. Because knowing why won't erase what happened.
    It may just make you feel that much more out of control.
  7. Because getting stuck on why means you are...stuck.
    And in choosing to get unstuck, you become better and stronger and kinder and more able to add love to the world, rather than taking it away. Fear is a drain on everybody's resources. Love is not.