1. That might be worse.
  2. I have to find a picture of myself for Anne's staff.
  3. She's got good game.
  4. He was so French.
  5. I'm over-caffeinated.
  6. I'm under-caffeinated.
  7. Ooo, the Batmobile.
  8. If I don't name my dog Queso, I'm going to name him Dracula.
  9. I'm just being opinionated and annoying.
  10. It's okay if you don't want to legally, but I don't think it's a weird thing.
  11. Somebody with your personality who is defeated is funny to me.
  12. I want to create the best Dukes of Harvard costume anybody had ever seen.
  13. A little bit of food and a lot of other crap.