I've had a lot of interactions with animals this week.
  1. Saturday
    Driving home from Phish I tell my friends Mary and Meredith that my dream is to be driving and see a stray dog on the street and then rescue it and it's the perfect dog ad we live happily ever after. Minutes later we see a dog walking on the street and I scream and pull into an empty parking lot to go get it but then a man yells at us that it is his dog and we drive away.
  2. Sunday
    We pack for New Hampshire and our cat Cleo can tell we are leaving her and meows a lot and then barfs in numerous spots in the house.
  3. Monday
    We fly to Boston and when we land at 5PM my dad is there at baggage claim to give us a crib for Lydia. It is raining. He chases after our bus to the rental car place and the girls laugh at him through the window. We drive to New Hampshire and stop and eat burritos in Concord and by the time we get to the house it is dark and all we here are the loons on the lake. I love the loons.
  4. Tuesday
    There are tomato plants growing in planters on the front steps of the house. As the day goes on a tomato makes it down onto the granite step. There is a bite taken out of it. That night I bring groceries into the house and every time I get to the door I hear a scurrying sound and notice the tomato rolling slightly. I finally see there is a chipmunk under the step who just wants to eat his tomato in fucking peace.
  5. Wednesday
    There is a flock of Canada geese living in our field next to the lake. They are birds who take like, 50 human size shits per hour. Their shits are everywhere, and I am annoyed because we can't walk barefoot but do anyway and now our feet are covered in bird shit. They shit IN the lake and I see it and hate it. We go for a walk at night and Eleanor and I race down the hill to scare the geese and I did not see them today so it worked. Fuck those geese.
  6. Thursday
    We take the canoe out and paddle across the lake to my aunt and uncle's cottage. The girls play in the cove where we park the canoe and we see a frog sitting on a rock. It takes Eleanor a long time to see it but eventually she does and she wants to get closer so we wade through the water, even though I keep telling her the frog is going to get scared and jump into the lake. But it never does, it just lets us watch it and I say to my aunt, "I think that frog is my mom," and she agrees.
  7. To be continued.