Next week marks 4 years in this freaky-ass town.
  1. I have an astrologer
  2. I saw a psychic
  3. I saw a second psychic
  4. I have a date to go crystal shopping with a friend this month
  5. I know a kid named Tusk
  6. I own a giant straw sunhat and feel no shame wearing it all the time
  7. I'm no longer startled by the smell of weed being smoked on the street
  8. I have an avocado tree
  9. I complain about the avocado tree because it makes so many goddamn avocados
  10. I collect water from empty glasses and use it to water our plants
  11. I talk about "native landscapes" a lot
  12. Once at a party I waited behind Weird Al Yankovic for tacos and he and his wife were really nice
  13. I'm really excited to go to Silverlake tomorrow because there is a specific smoothie at this one place that I am craving with like, coconut and almond butter and stuff and I can't stop thinking about it.
  14. I google the Manson girls often.
  15. I took my cat to a holistic vet.
  16. I'm insufferable but am too self-absorbed to realize it.
  17. Who wants to go for a hike?