IB: Edmund Pevensie
  1. Chocolate covered strawberries
    Honestly this is the first food that ever comes to mind when someone asks me this and for good reason!!!!!
  2. Rosemary red potatoes
    But especially the ones my mom makes.
  3. Apple slices with Caramel
    The gooey-ness of the caramel and the crispness of the apples make a perfect fall snack and I would eat these for hours and hours
  4. One of those lava cake brownies with vanilla ice cream on top
    Hoooooolllllly shit.
  5. Almond thin cookies
    Honestly don't even know where to buy them but my mom always keeps at least one box in the house and boy I'd kill a man for these
  6. Rotisserie chicken
    The whole damn thing.
  7. Those holiday themed sugar cookies that they sell in a tube and you cut them up and cook them and they taste like sugar heaven
    Are these even made of actual food? Doubtful.
  8. Asiago bagel from Panera
    Honestly used to just eat these for dinner. No shame here!
  9. Chocolate chip cookies
    Best when they're fresh out of the oven!! Pretty good most other times.
  10. Breakfast Sandwiches
    They have bagels and bacon, need I say more?
  11. Definitely not Turkish Delights
    I mean don't get me wrong, they're good, but not "Sell your family to the White Witch good"