1. Dennis
    While Dennis is arguably the most attractive character in the show, the fact that he's a complete sociopath can simply not be ignored! Best Quote: "Mac, do you remember feelings?"
  2. Dee
    Clearly, the Reynolds siblings are the worst. You have to wonder how Dee, despite growing up with Dennis, is significantly trashier than he is. Best quote: "Yeah, I'm kind of in the middle of something with my cat right now."
  3. Frank
    What a creepy little man. However, without his financial resources, most of the adventures that the gang partake in would not be possible. Best quote: "Rum ham!!"
  4. Mac
    Good intentions, but Dennis is a horrible influence. Also, his weight gain was just a weird arc in the show. Best quote: "I browned out that evening."
  5. Charlie
    So pure, but so stupid. Still clearly the best character on the show. In lieu of the best quote, let's just bring up the fact that he wrote the musical that the gang performs at the end of season four!