I finished my first semester of college last week, so I am now back at home. For many college students, this means relaxing, however, for me, this means that my mom has a new lackey to do work for her. In the last two hours, I've been forced to weed the entire pool area, fill four bags full of construction trash, and more. So naturally, I hide.
  1. My bed
    Unfortunately, this is the first place my mother looks. Pros: Is my bed. Cons: Is not really a good place to hide.
  2. The kitchen table
    My mom will find me here as this is the most used room in my house. Pros: Food! Cons: No couches/beds
  3. The couch in the downstairs TV room
    Depends on the day. Pros: Is a couch, has good wifi accessibility. Cons: Is a LEATHER couch, so not the warmest.
  4. My sister's bedroom
    (only when she's not home) Unfortunately, my hiding spot here was compromised over winter break. :(. Pros: Good wifi, twin beds. Cons: Hot as hell!!! My sister has to keep her heater on year round to achieve this hellish environment.
  5. The chair in the green guest room
    If I shut the door, my mom will usually not come into this guest room, so it's a pretty safe bet. Pros: Very comfy chair. Cons: Farthest away from the Wifi router, is not somewhere I can lie down.
  6. The couch in my mom's "craft room" that has essentially become a storage space
    There is a large child's kitchen in front of this couch, so if I lie down here, I am virtually undetectable. Pros: The child's kitchen has a table, so there's a handy resting place for my laptop. Cons: The couch is smaller than the average couch (presumably designed for a large child or small adult), so I can't lie down without curling up a bit.
  7. My bed in the bedroom I used before leaving for college
    If you lie a certain way and arrange the blankets in such a way that they shield you, you cannot be seen by anyone. Pros: is a bed. Cons: poor Wifi.
  8. A wooden box that some sort of material for the greenhouse that my parents are building came in
    My mother would literally never expect to find me here. Pros: Is close enough to my pool house that I can use the wifi. Cons: Is a wooden box, so not the most comfortable.