1. I just read an article written by a WOMAN that was titled "I am a female and I am so over feminists"
  2. Like.... what?!
  3. So, as a woman, you inherently believe that men are superior to you???
  4. Let me remind you, feminism is NOT the belief that women are better than men.
    I've heard lots of boys say this when they're explaining why they're not feminists and it's just not true!!! This belief is called misandry!
  5. Feminism is just the belief that women and men are equal to one another.
  6. I think everyone on this Earth is created equal and the blatant sexism that is being promoted through this article frankly just disgusts me.
  7. Women are not sociologically equal to men in the United States of America as it exists today and to say otherwise is just not true.
  8. We're still not paid as much as men are for doing the same amount of work.
  9. We haven't garnered the respect that men have in some fields of work.
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  11. To pretend those facts aren't real is just woefully ignorant.
  12. If you're a woman looking to succeed in the modern world, you have to be a feminist in order to argue for what you deserve in the workplace, in terms of finances and respect.
  13. If you're "sick of feminists", you're disrespecting the women who have worked so hard to gain the bit of equality we have today.
  14. I believe that women and men are created equal.
  15. And if you're so convinced that men are better than women, I suggest you tell your mother what you think.
  16. I'm sure she'll be very happy to hear it.
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