1. One time my friends and I had a bunch of navy guys over (they were in their uniforms) and one of the boys who lived in our hallway came in high af and said this gem.
  2. If you know me, you know my penchant for god awful puns.
    The best part about this note is that it was written at 6:53 am.
  3. I really like Much Ado About Nothing and am planning on writing a modern adaptation. This is as far as I've gotten!
  4. My version of the famous line from the last Harry Potter book.
    I must think I'm really funny or something.
  5. Actually proud of this idea. AT&T hmu!!!
  6. Another Harry Potter reference. This is something I saved in order to tweet it because I've apparently never heard of tweet drafts!
  7. I was in my dads office waiting for an eye exam and I overheard one of his front desk workers making this call.