1. Tomorrow I start my first real job.
  2. To this point, all I've done is babysit, housesit, and petsit.
  3. A whole lot of /sitting/ on my butt (sorry had to) and not enough actually working.
  4. So tomorrow, I have a 7 hour training shift at a restaurant by my house!!!!!
  5. I'm terrified!!!!
  6. I've been memorizing all of the drinks and all of the sides and what goes on what sandwiches and the salad dressings and I'm scared it won't be enough!!!
  7. What if I'm horrible???
    This gif could actually be me!!
  8. What shoes do I wear??? Is there a type of shoes that waiters usually wear??? Is it geeky to wear sneakers?!!
    They just said non-slip closed toe that could mean anything?????
  10. Pls wish me luck!!! If you don't hear from me soon, I probably showed up and dropped dead on the spot!!