In Episode 2.14 of New Girl, a phrase was coined. The characters talk about their "POGOs" which is basically something negative about you that your friends talk about when you're not in the room. Everyone has one, and your friends talk about it, but it doesn't mean they love you any less! Without further ado, here's a list of my potential POGOs!
  1. I'm an insufferable know-it-all.
    Honestly, half of this comes from my dad and half of this comes from my childhood idolization of Hermione Granger.
  2. I get annoyed really easily.
    Ugh, mood swings. I'm basically a tween.
  3. I cry a lot.
    I've actually gotten a lot better with this recently, but I tend to feel emotions very deeply, which often leads to tears (both happy and sad).
  4. As mentioned above, I feel emotions to my core.
    Soooooo annoying!!! I take everything personally and I really shouldn't!
  5. I "flirt all of the time".
    I've had more than one friend get pissed off at me because I was flirting too much. However, I was blissfully unaware that I was even flirting!!
  6. I complain about everything!
    This is actually a really bad habit and I'm really trying to fix it so I become a more wholesome person.
  7. I ignore all male attention I get and then I complain about boys not liking me.
    Lol I'm aware that I do this but something deep inside of my being likes to convince me that I'm not pretty enough or funny enough or cool enough for every guy I know!
  8. I wear workout clothes too much.
    Mainly leggings and t shirts. They're what I love!
  9. I really don't like physical affection all that much.
    A solid 85% of the time, I don't like physical intimacy (hugs, etc.) unless it is initiated by me. It's annoying as fuck but I'd rather not be touched unless I want to be!
  10. Sometimes I selectively listen to things.
    I try to listen to everything my friends tell me, I really do, but sometimes my hearing will just stop working!!
  11. I always say I don't want to go out, but will usually end up going.
    Social interaction can be the worst. I like naps.
  12. I can be very blunt at times.
    This probably comes across as really bitchy at times, but I want all of my friends to be happy and healthy, and sometimes you have to hear things you don't want to hear in order to do that!!
  13. I'm a virgin who can't drive.