Inspired by @xtineengels!! Holy shit this list is going to be long
  1. when Simba watches his father die
  2. "Not enough for me? You are everything."
  3. In the book version of "Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix" when he yells at Dumbledore after Sirius' Death
  4. In The Amazing Spider-Man 2 at Electro's whole plotline
    Also when Gwen Stacy falls in the clock tower :/
  5. In Criminal Minds when Foyet gets Hotch's family :(
  6. Love Actually when bastard Alan Rickman betrays Emma Thompson
  7. The entire opening sequence of Up
  8. "I love you and I like you."
  9. The Corey Monteith memorial episode of glee
  10. When Sherlock falls off of the building and Watson watches in horror
  11. When Jim told Pam he loved her
  12. When Chuck didn't tell Blair he loved her when he so clearly did
  13. When Dobby died
  14. When Curious George gets taken away from the man in the yellow hat by animal control
    cutest thing I've ever seen and I really want a pet Curious George