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Wiley loves his new (first) sweater I knit him.
  1. Sleeping hard.
  2. Don't touch my hip.
  3. No, really, that tickles.
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Spoiler: I'm expecting that all five will have a baby in them.
  1. This makes me melt. My grandpa who suffers from Alzheimer's and my dog, Wiley. Pop pop loves dogs and every ten minutes he exclaims, "who brought this dog???"
  2. Another good one! Three babies! Peggy and Ros, me and Lola, Adriana and Nora. I really miss my Oakland mom friends. They like to drink beer in the middle of the day with our babies. I haven't found anyone like that here yet.
  3. Six months old, started solids. Lola and banana. No purées for this pro.
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I try to mix it up a bit but I tend to fall back on the same few every night. Got any suggestions??
  1. Rainbow Connection
    Kermit was the original inspiration for me to sing this one and learn the words for the soccer camp talent show. I was newly inspired by the end credits to 'the Breakup'.
  2. Tell Me Why
    This one goes against my usual separation of church and Kate.
  3. Inchworm
    From Hans Christian Andersen. My mom sang it to me. It's a goodie.
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  1. Love
  2. Love it all 🎄📚
  3. Thank you @brittmaag and @ChrisK for organizing
I recently moved to a quiet residential neighborhood in Maine from Oakland, California. Living in Oakland, one becomes accustomed to the occasional loud boom, which can be chalked up to gunfire or fireworks. But what about when I hear a loud boom in my new neighborhood? What now, internet?
  1. Gunfire.
    People hunt in Maine, I expected to hear some gunfire in woodsy areas. But would someone be shooting in my town, in the middle of a Tuesday in October? Probably not. Wish I could rule this one out.
  2. Fireworks.
    It's daytime. Not a holiday. In Oakland, fireworks would still be a perfectly acceptable explanation. Not here.
  3. Explosion.
    Let's hope not. No sign of smoke.
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