I recently moved to a quiet residential neighborhood in Maine from Oakland, California. Living in Oakland, one becomes accustomed to the occasional loud boom, which can be chalked up to gunfire or fireworks. But what about when I hear a loud boom in my new neighborhood? What now, internet?
  1. Gunfire.
    People hunt in Maine, I expected to hear some gunfire in woodsy areas. But would someone be shooting in my town, in the middle of a Tuesday in October? Probably not. Wish I could rule this one out.
  2. Fireworks.
    It's daytime. Not a holiday. In Oakland, fireworks would still be a perfectly acceptable explanation. Not here.
  3. Explosion.
    Let's hope not. No sign of smoke.
  4. Plane crash.
    Statistically unlikely. Plus, no breaking news alerts. No smoke, again.
  5. Car crash.
    Statistically more likely than most of the others.
  6. Tree workers down the road dropping a large piece of wood in a truck
    Probably this.