The follies and woes of busty girls
  1. Swimsuit shopping... Two outcomes... 1. You look like a porn star and are falling out everywhere 2. you look like great aunt Ethel, who's name sounds as awful as you look in that suit. The girls strapped down to your knees.
  2. Deep V neck shirts... You mean cleavage for days.
  3. Accidental boob graze is a daily occurrence. Doesn't even phase me.
  4. All the cute trendy bralettes... Great if you're practically flat. No support. Not flattering.
  5. A good bra, the kind that actually gives you the support you need is at least 60 dollars and is in close resemblance to an orthopedic brace. Sexy?
  6. Sports bras... See above ... Orthopedic brace.