My best friend is named Sonya. Here's why she's great (requested by @sonyaellis)
  1. She likes the same food as me
    We like to eat at the same restaurants . We eat a lot of wings. And cheese on bread. When my parents went away once we got a Pizza Hut box deal. Our friendship is 50 per cent based on food.
  2. We like the same shows
    We have a lot of television in common. We watch Shonda Thursday's. And Gilmore girls on Netflix. We usually respect each other's recommendations but I haven't gotten around to watching Archer yet.
  3. She's weird
    I read once that you find something funny if it's out of context, unexpected or you find the person attractive. Sonya's super weird so a lot of what she says is funny. Because you wouldn't expect it. And I find her attractive .
  4. She's chill
    Don't get me wrong I like to party and so does Sonya from time to time. But she's pretty chill usually. No drama , not getting super f*cked up, just chillin. You'll find her at parties playing an odd prank or talking to Maryann. Another chiller
  5. She's always game for lunch
    This could have been included in the food bullet but lunch is different. Sure it centres around food but it's also a social call. Supper is for family or significant others. Lunch is for pals.
  6. She's socially awkward
    She finds social situations (like overly friendly retail assistants or fast food employees) uncomfortable, just like me. We can avoid strangers together
  7. She's got a cool fam
    Her mom is kind to me. Her sister is my pal. Her step dad talks to me about cats. Her cousin bullies me.
  8. We do couples costumes
    We do a couples costume every Halloween despite her being in a couple with another person. It's an overall metaphor for how I am at least of equal importance to her boyfriend.
  9. She's friends with my sibs
    We all went to Florida together . It was fun. We're pals. My brother is a tall giant man and Sonya is a tiny woodland creature. It's a funny combo. One time Sonya kicked a picture off the wall and pretended she didn't. It's my brothers favourite story.
  10. We have secret special friendship day
    Our other friends are okay but our secret days of celebration are fun and cute and also secret