Quickly scan through your camera roll and you'll find some crazy stuff.
  1. Shirt swap
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    Me and my friend Tyler switched shirts last week and thusly shattered the gender binary
  2. Classic zoom-in
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    A close up of my friend about to hit a softball in which she looks like a sim who's needs aren't being met.
  3. Money well earned
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    A snap cap of my friend capturing 20 dollars he climbed into a lake to retrieve
  4. Sexual deviance
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    A picture I took of my roommate's bed right before my friends had sex in it. I hoped to use this photo to recreate the scene so she wouldn't find out. It would have gone perfectly if I hadn't tucked her fitted sheet in over her computer charger.
  5. Remarkable wildlife photo
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    My cat touching my other cat's butt. Incredible !