If Kurt Cobain Was Alive Today, Would He Appreciate Dank Memes?

  1. meme as you are
    As you were, as I want you to meme
  2. Lithiumeme
    In a daze cause I found meme God
  3. Smells like jet fuel can't melt steel memes
    Oh whatever nevermeme
  4. In bloom-ingdales
    he's the one who likes all are pretty memes and he likes meme along and he likes to shoot his gun but he don't know what it memes Memes is a whore
  5. Meme me
    Meme me my friend
  6. Polly wants a dank meme
    Dirty memes let me take a ride meme myself
  7. Meme-shaped box
    HEY wait I gotta meme forever and ever
  8. All memeagies
    I wish I was like you, easily amused
  9. The man who memed the world
    Bush did 9/11