Not a massive Quentin Tarantino fan although I loved Inglorious Bastards. Django was good too. SPOILER! (kind of...maybe not but just in case)
  1. I want to live in Wyoming.
    Breathtaking. Absolutely beautiful.
  2. Don't get attached to the characters, don't get attached to the characters.
    Tarantino is known for his over the top violence so during the beginning of the film I was trying to mentally prepare myself for all the blood. Always so much blood. 😰
  3. Wait. Did it say Channing Tatum was in this??
    I'm pretty sure it did.
  4. An outhouse during a blizzard? No thank you.
    Using an outhouse would be bad enough but having to trek out during a blizzard use one in the freezing cold, unbearable. What if you had a stomachache??
  5. This language makes me uncomfortable.
    I guess I should have expected it.
  6. That woman really needs to see a dentist.
    I know they didn't have the best hygiene around the civil war era but, yikes.
  7. Forget the language. THIS is making me uncomfortable.
    I'm sweating. I can never look at Samuel L. Jackson the same way again.
  8. Nooo don't drink the coffee!!!
    Ew. I told you not to drink the coffee.
  9. Finally some nice people!
    Oh wait, they're probably going to die. Yep. Definitely going to die.
  10. Here comes the gore.
    Giphy downsized medium
    I guarantee, it's about to go down. Prepare yourself. Oh wow..that was overkill. I'm just going to close my eyes for a minute. I think it's okay to look now. Nope. It is definitely not okay. Not. Okay. 😱
  11. Wait. What's the deal with the letter?
    Is it real? I thought he said it wasn't real. It seems to be important now so maybe it is real. Maybe it's not even about if it's real or not..? Do I lack depth? Am I dumb? Why don't I get it?
  12. Time to watch cartoons for three hours so I can fall asleep.
    Think happy thoughts. Happy, happy, happy. *sobs*