Reasons I SHOULD and should NOT eat this sushi

We all have those defining moments in life where we're forced to make tough decisions.
  1. I should eat this because I'm hungry & craved it all day.
  2. I should NOT eat this because, hello! It's raw fish & it's GREY!
    Diarrhea is not a joke.
  3. I should eat this because I took the time to Google a restaurant & peruse over the menu in an attempt to make an informed decision concerning my meal.
  4. I should eat this because, I was forced to speak with a LIVE human on the phone, I had to WALK IN the restaurant & give my money to a girl who doesn't remember 9/11 & has never known a man.
    In the biblical sense
  5. I should NOT eat this because I've never seen sushi that color.
    But what do I know? I'm no chef.
  6. I should eat this because the other side looks perfectly normal.
    If there's one thing I've learned about adulthood, it's when you have a problem, don't think about it & it will go away.
  7. Thank you fate. You're a real gem. Or bitch? I'm not sure.
    Glad that's over. I almost had to make a decision.