Everyone knows the cliches of writing personal statements - talk about your time studying abroad or volunteering, or how you were born to make the world a better place, but you can only do that if you attend THIS specific grad school. I'm looking for suggestions for some off-the-beaten path statement ideas.
  1. My longstanding love of the New York Times
    My parents got me a subscription when I was three years old because I loved reading, and they were tired of buying me books, only to have me read them in a day or two and discard them afterwards.
  2. My ability to quote almost every episode of West Wing
    Seriously, give me an episode, I'll give you a phrase or a joke from it. Is this a problem? Who knows, but it makes for a great party trick.
  3. My collection of presidential socks
    I am a massive history buff, so it should come as no surprise that I have curated a wonderful collection of socks stamped with presidents on them - Washington, Lincoln, Adams, both Roosevelt's, and JFK to name a few.