It's 5 AM, I've been travelling for over a day and my mind is a bit wonky - here's my incoherent ramblings during a four hour layover in the Shamrock City.
  1. I've been called a lamb, a dear, and a lad.
  2. The breakfast counter is 90% meat and 10% beans.
  3. Speaking of beans: you walk up to the counter, grab a bowl, and just go to town with the beans
    I haven't personally done this but I've watched about twenty people pay €15 for three vat like bowls of beans.
  4. I was told my pronunciation of coffee is unholy.
    Sorry Boston, I guess you're all wrong.
  5. They have buttons on the wall - red, yellow and green - that you're supposed to press according to your feelings about a particular part of the airport.
  6. Someone asked if my blanket scarf was a sheet I stole from a hotel.
  7. You can get an entire pint of beer at Burger King for only €3.50.
    I don't know if this is a bargain or not but it sounds reasonable.